Simulated Diamonds

Posted by Ella Ray on

Why buy simulated diamonds?  Finances, environmental impact, and the fact that simulated diamonds are convflict free and environmentally friendly are some of the reason I will always choose simulated diamonds over real diamonds: 

Cost: Why would you spend thousands of dollars on diamonds when you could spend a fraction of that on simulated diamonds? What would you do with all of the money you save? Personally, I've chosen to travel the world rather than buy real diamonds. 

Conflict Free:  Have you heard of blood diamonds? The heartbreaking truth is that people (adults and children) in war-torn countries die trying to mine diamonds. In reality, how would you know if a diamond you purchase is a blood diamond or not? Purchasing a "conflict-free" diamond, will cost you twice as much. However, all simulated diamonds are naturally conflict-free! 

Environmental Impact: Diamond mining is responsible for soil erosion, deforestation, ruining farmlands, and vanishing wildlife. In some parts of Africa, diamon mining pits have been abandoned and filled with water, bringing in mosquitos whch spread malaria, forcing locals to relocate because of public health disasters. . This is just one devastating environmental impact of diamond mining. Simulated diamonds are always an eco-friendly decision.  



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